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Lawrence Roberts & Family

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September 8, 2016 by

Thank you! You truly have done the impossible when it comes to me and my situation! I have never had any luck with mortgages and it looked like I was going to run into that again. My previous mortgage broker could not get me approved for my mortgage. I was combination of too many risk factors. Low income, self-employed, rent-to-own, high debt ratio etc. I went to Krista hoping she could do something for me. Well, at first I got the same results from the lenders…..NO! Well, that’s when Krista got creative and started thinking outside the box. She reached out to some other professionals in her network and her personal life and found a solution. She used her power in the real estate industry to get me approved. Then it came time to adjust the mortgage for a more permanent solution, and yet again we got a NO from the Lender. That did not stop her. She put additional pressure, with some very aggressive emails to get it done, and it did. I still don’t know how it worked, but it did. Krista, I was truly impressed with what you did for me and my family. In my mind you did the impossible!

Thank you.