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Life Insurance

Your mortgage is the single largest purchase you will likely make in your life. Therefore, insurance coverage is an important consideration. In addition to my mortgage brokering license, I also have a life insurance brokering license. You are not required to take life insurance on your mortgage but many times there is a practical side that begs the question “what happens if something happens?”

Mortgage insurance and life insurance are VERY different and here is why you may want to consider getting LIFE INSURANCE in place now:


Insurance amount and premium stays the same for the term of the policy Insurance amount declines as your pay your mortgage down – premium stays the same
Choose your beneficiary Mortgage lender is the beneficiary
Underwriting done prior to the policy being issued Underwriting commences when your family makes a claim
Coverage is guaranteed once policy issued Coverage is NOT guaranteed
Choose how much insurance you want Maximum insurance is loan amount
Change mortgage lenders and it does not affect life insurance May need to re-apply for life insurance if you change mortgage lender


Being a life insurance broker gives me the option to customize an insurance package to include any of the below to fit your needs.


Life Insurance Child Life Insurance
Disability Insurance Child Fracture Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance