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Aug '19


What Is Collaborative Divorce?

Divorce Mortgage Edmonton

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What is Collaborative Divorce? I am a Collaborative Divorce Alberta Association professional that works with people through the association is helping find collaborative ways to separate and divorce. Not all separations are “nasty” and sometimes people find that they need to go their own ways from each other. Through the collaborative divorce process there are… Read more »

Jun '19


Retirement With A Mortgage

retiring with a mortgage

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There’s a chance you read the title to this article and thought “I’m a long way off from retirement”. That’s okay, chances are you know someone (maybe parents or relatives) who could use this information, feel free to pass it along. If you find yourself in the position thinking about retirement and what options you… Read more »

May '19


4 Things You Can Do To Pay Your Mortgage Faster

mortgage broker pay down mortgage

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Although getting a mortgage is exciting as it allows you to become a homeowner, a mortgage is, in fact, a lot of debt. So if you have a mortgage, your goal should be to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Here are four things you can do to help pay off your mortgage… Read more »

Apr '19


Check These 5 Things Before Your Mortgage Renewal

MOrtgage Renewal

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When your mortgage term comes to an end, the next step is to look at your mortgage renewal options. Here are five things you should consider when renewing your mortgage to make sure you pay the least amount of money over your next term, because who doesn’t like saving money?! Do not simply sign renewal… Read more »

Mar '19


Mortgage Rules After The Federal Budget

Mortgages on Federal Budget

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The Federal Budget announced new mortgage rules that were not what we were hoping for. The best part of the new rules allows Canadians to withdraw $35K from their RRSP which is an addition of $10K over the previous $25K. This is awesome for the first time home buyers program – but remember the RRSP’s… Read more »