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Jan '20


Edmonton Oilers Photo Day Giveaway

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If you didn’t catch it during the holidays, don’t forget to enter my giveaway for 2  Edmonton Oilers Photo Day Tickets! Krista Lindstrom Edmonton Oilers Photo Day Good Luck!

Oct '19


Who taught you about money?

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My parents are still married after four decades together and recently retired after they successfully sold their business. My in-laws have also been married for four decades, and both couples live happily thru retirement. How did they do that? How did they like each enough to stay together that long, and how did they save… Read more »

Sep '19


Should I be locking in my variable rate?

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Times have changed in the mortgage industry. For the majority of my mortgage career my clients have been split about 50/50 between fixed and variable. Now, the vast majority of my clients are choosing fixed rates, and I get it. Never have I seen fixed rates lower than variable rates. For all of you sitting… Read more »

Sep '19


First Time Home Buyer Incentive

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When the federal budget came out earlier this year and the First Time Home Buyer Incentive (FTHBI) was announced, “I thought what a piece of garbage – that’s not going to help anybody!” Now that September second is here, I have had the FTHBI at the back of my mind while I am working on… Read more »

Aug '19


What Is Collaborative Divorce?

Divorce Mortgage Edmonton

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What is Collaborative Divorce? I am a Collaborative Divorce Alberta Association professional that works with people through the association is helping find collaborative ways to separate and divorce. Not all separations are “nasty” and sometimes people find that they need to go their own ways from each other. Through the collaborative divorce process there are… Read more »